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Simon Kimbngu was a Kongolese prophet who was born on September the 12th 1887 in Nkamba near Tysville , actually called Mbanza Ngungu . It is situated just about 200 miles from Kinshasa. A son of father Kuyela and mother Luezi. His father was a religious traditional leader . Kimbangu was baptized in 1915 and worked as catechist for numerous years. In his childwood kimbangu operated so many miracles. One of which happened when he turned a feather into a living bird and also transformed a rotten coconut fruit into a good one. Kimbangu had been a wonderful child with an outstanding knowledge and wisdom. He did not attend any school. As a child, he also told his father that he was born before him. Also in the kingdom of kongo, came a female prophet from 1684 to 1706 in the name of Beatrice Kimpa Vita. She operated so many miracles. But she was doing so by invoking the name of Kimbangu to act on her. Kimbangu was not even born yet. That means, Kimbangu existed before he was born. Kimpa Vita was burned alive by the Portugese colonists just because she revealed that Jesus Christ was black originated from the Kongo Kingdom.

In 1918 the lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in person in Nkamba his hometown. A year when a tragic flu epidemic spreaded all over the country. Jesus revealed to him a special mission to accomplish on earth. The lord said Kimbangu, Kimbangu , i have selected you to redeem the oppressed and rejected nations from the embush of the evil and prepare the humanity to embrace the universal kingdom of the almighty God on the earth so that eternal peace prevails under the ruling of the holy spirit. Kimbangu refused to the lord's mission replying , lord i'm not able to accomplish this, point somebody else who is intelligent, for i'am a useless person. The lord replied, Kimbangu, i have looked around the world and have not seen anybody who is able to fulfill this mission, only you. At all the instances that Kimbangu was talking to the lord. his wife Muilu Marie kiawanga overheard an unusual voice coming out in the house but never asked him about whom he was talking to. Until one day when she decided to ask him about.
Kimbangu replied, i was talking to the lord. He has given me a very special mission and task to fulfill on  earth and the lord named it , the duty of the third person in the trinity who is the holy spirit.

As the lord Jesus Christ insisted for numerous times, Kimbangu left Nkamba his hometown and went to Leopoldville (Kinshasa) where he worked for an oil company called H.C.B but never get paid for his job performance. Having suffer that, Kimbangu left Leopoldville (Kinshasa) and went to Kasangulu in the lower Kongo where he was trading blended,boilled casava roots and brought them to Leopoldville to sell them in order to survive. He was doing so back and forward. But it was not beneficial for him to keep on doing it. He decided to regain his hometown Nkamba to obey to the lord's mission.

April 6 1921 Kimbangu started his mission by creating a spiritual awakening movement in accordance with the lord Jesus requirements. 
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